The FAW are changing the way we register players, and this year (19/20 season) will see all Welsh clubs register their players on-line. Read on and then follow the link at the bottom to view the guidelines for exactly what to do.

What does this mean?

Well for DPFC, with over 400 players, it means work, a lot of work 😦

What does it mean for me or my child?

It means that if you wish to play for the mighty Dinas Powys you will need to register slightly differently from now on.

Ah man, this will mean loads of form filling right ?

Well yes and no. We will require a few questions answered about the player, an e-mail address and a photo of the player. This information will be used to fill in a player profile and register the player with the F.A.W. This information is only required for the initial registration. You will need to send this information to

Once your player has been registered you will be sent an e-mail with your player profile attached. You will need to print the profile off, check it and sign it. Then you will have to scan the form and send it back to us here at DPFC H.Q. for upload to the F.A.W.

So, next season it will be easy peasy yeah?

That’s the plan, the club will e-mail out the player registration form at the beginning of the season. All you need to do is print, sign and e-mail back.

But my printers broken and I don’t know how to scan 😦

You will need to arrange a meeting with your coach and they will be able to arrange the use of a group one .