FAW COMET Registration

All Welsh clubs must register their players on-line with FAW COMET. If you already play for DPFC, you will automatically be re-registered on COMET this season, will have already paid your £5 registration fee to your coach, and will have received your COMET ID.

If you are new to the club, please read on and then follow the link at the bottom to view the guidelines for exactly what to do.

We will require a few questions answered about the player, an e-mail address and a photo of the player. This information will be used to fill in a player profile and register the player with the FAW. This information is only required for the initial registration. You will need to send this information to registrations@dinaspowysfc.com.

So, next season it will be easy peasy yeah?

Yes! All you need to do is pay the £5 FAW COMET registration fee and you’re done.